Healthy News from Your Minster Chiropractor February 2018

Minster chiropractic at Minster Chiropractic Center includes examination, diagnosis, treatment, and listening! 


Minster back pain patients are vital to our Minster chiropractic practice. Our Minster chiropractic patients’ thoughts and expectations play a role in the care you receive and the clinical result from that Minster chiropractic care you attain. Research reports that users of mind/body practices (like acupuncture, chiropractic, meditation, massage, yoga in this paper) deem that these practices treat, prevent and are more efficient than other choices like prescriptions. (1) It is helpful for all caregivers to know what their patients are thinking, believe and want. Please communicate that to us! What does a Minster low back pain patient want from a physician? 90% expected an exam, tests, diagnosis, reassurance, advice, clear explanation for their pain, symptom management, and the benefits/risks of treatment. About 50% looked to be referred to a specialist.  About 60% wanted to share life problems. (2) Does that sound like what you want? Minster Chiropractic Center is open to listening, talking, examining, diagnosing and treating you for relief of your Minster back pain.

Listen to this PODCAST  from the Back Doctors' Podcast series of a patient who expected relief without a back surgery and got it with Cox® Technic.

Minster chiropractic treatment plan at Minster Chiropractic Center may well include chondroitin sulfate! 

TIP OF THE MONTH: Chondroitin Sulfate

Chondroitin sulfate’s reputation for assisting in the prevention and even potential regeneration of disc cartilage increases. Its anti-inflammatory reputation and effect on osteoarthritis do, too. (Minster Chiropractic Center appreciates seeing the literature reveal this as Minster Chiropractic Center has shared chondroitin sulfate with our Minster chiropractic patients for years!) It’s being reported as a slow-acting agent in the care of low back pain connected with osteoarthritis. (3) It inhibits the actions of inflammatory agents linked to conditions like osteoporosis and heart disease. (4, 5) Chondroitin sulfate usage in the treatment of low back pain expands. Let’s talk about its role in your own Minster chiropractic treatment plan for Minster back pain relief.

Watch this VIDEO that additionally talks about the benefit of chondroitin sulfate in Minster back pain care.

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