Non-Surgical chiropractic Low Back Pain Relief for the Older Spine

Growing older has its advantages: wisdom, reduced inhibition, understanding, patience, confidence, knowledge, contentment, time, astuteness, appreciation, acceptance, love of life...on and one. Not too bad! But getting older may not be as pleasant to the body. Lower back pain in older people due to spinal stenosis, degenerative scoliosisdegenerative disc disease and other conditions may slow you down. Don't let it! In Minster Minster Chiropractic Center offers the wisdom, confidence and knowledge of Cox Technic, the non-surgical chiropractic spinal manipulation procedure with years of research, published clinical outcomes and documented protocols, to help your older body find lower back pain relief.

Minster Chiropractic Center understands that the older patient just wants to take pleasure in life happily and will work with you individually to create a treatment plan just for your lower back pain relief.

What Conditions Affect the Lower Back Pain in Older People?

Decreased lumbar lordosis (the inward curve of the spine as in swayback) and increased lower spine lumbosacral scoliosis can distress the general health status of older patients with degenerative scoliosis. (1) Degenerative scoliosis as a diagnosis rises in the older adult patient population suffering with spinal pain. The degenerative process - spinal disc bulges, facet arthritis and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy - contributes to the appearance of spinal stenosis symptoms. The exact number of elderly back pain patients with spinal stenosis-like symptoms is not documented, but the goal in caring for the elderly back pain patient with degenerative conditions is pain relief and improved functional daily life with least intervention. (2)

What Does Minster Chiropractic Center Offer to Help the Older Lower Back Pain Patient?

1. chiropractic

Researchers like Dr. Killinger (3) write about the important role of the chiropractic in the healthcare of the elderly patient. chiropractic's holistic approach, practice style, safety, high satisfaction, and relatively low cost make it appealing. The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research for lower back pain care and the American Geriatric Society Panel Guidelines for the Management of Chronic Pain both indicate the appropriateness of non-drug, non-invasive care like chiropractic. The chiropractic is well trained in the examination, diagnosis, health promotion, radiography, and illness prevention for the elderly patients including back pain in older people. Elderly back pain is one type of musculoskeletal complaints seen in the older patients, and research shows chiropractic successfully cares for them. (3) Minster Chiropractic Center does!
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Cox Technic is a low force, gentle technique that addresses degenerative spinal conditions effectively by dropping intradiscal pressures and opening the spinal canal area by up to 28%. (4,5) When spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease reduce the spinal canal area and cause pain, Cox Technic is a welcome treatment in Minster at Minster Chiropractic Center.
2. Advice on Exercise Appropriate to Keep The Older Lower Back Pain Patient Moving
  • WATER THERAPY - A 10 weeks program of aquatic therapy exercise for older low back pain patients is successful. The water therapy program designed to strengthen the low back muscles significantly reduced the low back pain patients' pain by 52.1%. It also considerably improved low back muscle strength (48.31% peak torque of flexor and 152.85% peak torque of extensor). Researchers concluded that just ten weeks of aquatic therapy exercise can enhance low back muscle strength and reduce low back pain in elderly women. (6)
  • PILATES - Pilates-based exercises are superior to minimal intervention for pain relief. (7)
  • BACK STRENGTHENING EXERCISE - Uncomplicated exercises, done to your tolerance, strengthen your low back muscles. You may want to particularly consider doing the exercises before you even get out of bed!
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3. Advice about Nutrition

Minster Chiropractic Center keeps informed of the nutritional demands of the body as it ages. Nutrients for bone, disc, cartilage, immune system, bowel system can all be discussed as to their appropriateness for you.

In Minster Lower Back Pain Care of the Older Spine Patient Is Available

Use the symptom-analyzer for lower back pain, then contact Minster Chiropractic Center for a detailed examination, concise diagnosis, and individualized, non-surgical treatment plan for relief as well as control of your low back pain.

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